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My Intuitive Coaching Moves You to Live Your Best Life So You Can Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose


If we are suffering it is usually because we have been shown a path and we didn’t want to take it. My goal is to bring information and light energy to places that may have been dark, so that you can see them and work through the darkness. With that awareness you may create a happier, lighter more joyful life.


"When you feel worthy, confident and complete then you don’t need anyone else to fill you up. That brings a freedom that you can live each moment."


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As an Intuitive Life Coach I can guide you on your path to understand who you really are underneath the physical “facade”, so that you may bring that amazing soul energy into your life each day.


I have had this gift since I was a little girl.  I have always known things and understood things that I shouldn’t have for my age.  However, I didn’t decide to create a business around them until just recently. I'm a straight shooter with a background working in media, journalism, and government. I fought the call for some time, yet I've been guided to understand that this is what I'm meant to do.

Clients who have worked with me have seen growth and change in their lives.  They're able to push past barriers and find ways to lessen their stress, stay in the moment and release toxic or negative energy that they surround themselves with. 


"Live in the present moment awareness and you will create your future."


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This is a process that brings you to the place where you will find the clarity that you need to live your best life. Shari meets you where you're at and gives you the tools you need to move forward in a positive direction.  Always living in the present, releasing things in the past that are blocking and holding you back. If you live your best life in this moment, then the next one will be even better.



Our lives are filled with many twists and turns which can create situations where you need someone to stand beside you and guide you through the ring of fire to a happier, freer, lighter place.  Shari is an intuitive advisor who can be with you and help you transition as you go through a difficult situation.  If you are in a crisis, whether from divorce, the loss of a loved one or the inability to clear out a space that holds painful old memories, Shari is available to help you deal with these moments in your life.  

Call on Shari to travel to your location and give you the guidance you need to find the way through to a better day. She is only a plane, train or car ride away from walking you through the tough times. She will be by your side and help you find the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.  This in-person service is charged per day or per week (plus travel and accommodations).  



There are times in our lives when it feels as if we can not handle what is happening. We may feel ill-equipped, weak or lost.  We may be filled with anger, sadness or confusion.  At those times we may just need a guiding hand, a pinpoint of light at the end of the tunnel, or a reassuring word. Shari can tap into the light energy and together you can find the strength to walk through those darkest times. There are also times when we are making a critical decision or feel a sense of urgency in our lives.  These sessions skip the waiting period and can be scheduled within 24 hours.


"We must fill ourselves up from the inside, not look to others to fill us up, or like a sieve we will continue to leak out and never be filled."


"Shari has completely transformed my life in the most miraculous of ways."

– Charlotte, Los Angeles



Meet Shari's clients who are on the path to living their best life


"Shari has completely transformed my life in the most miraculous of ways. I continue to grow and learn from her with each session and feel very grateful to have such a wonderful light in my life."

–Charlotte, Los Angeles, CA


"Do you want to find out really quickly what is holding you back in your life? Call Shari. She will tell you what is up with no sugar-coating, a good dose of humor and lots of practical advice. She is an unbelievable asset for anyone who is ready to make necessary changes but needs a push from someone they will surely trust. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

–J.F., Virginia


"Shari is better than any therapist I'v ever had. She's able to tap in and understand exactly where I'm at. Shari provides functional tools to overcome blocks, allowing more love, prosperity and peace to flow in."

–Johanna, Los Angeles, CA


"Shari is an absolute gift. She is my true spirit guide and as such, has helped me through many pivotal moments of change. Often times without my even reaching out, Shari will sense some unease or imbalance and offer a hand in what would otherwise appear to be complete and utter darkness. She’s a source of light and hope and faith, that everything I am and everything I am doing is exactly as it should be. When I doubt myself, which I still do periodically, I reach out and am reminded with love and compassion of everything I know to be true: I am enough, I am learning, I am growing and evolving, and I am honoring the process of my life. Invest in yourself and book a session with Shari. Divine support and guidance like hers is very rare and very worth it."

–A Forever Client, Molly Hentz 


"Shari is a gifted intuitive and guide. With compassion, wisdom, humor, authenticity and grit, Shari always helps me back on my path feeling empowered and in harmony with my life’s purpose. Through her readings, she has helped me to release negative patterns, uncover deep truths and evolve in positive ways with awareness in every aspect of my life from my career to my relationships. Her brilliant insights and guidance are transformative. The best presents I have ever given myself, my friends and loved ones are readings from Shari."

–L.N., Virginia


Fear is the Ring of Fire and you have to walk through it. You can't run away from it. You can't walk around it.


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"You are a soul manifested into a body, not a body who happens to have a soul."


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