Shari's Story

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While I have always had an uncanny ability to know things before they happened, a near death experience when I was 20 years old brought greater clarity to my ability to hear and understand the messages being presented to me.  This experience also pulled back the curtain for me to share my gift with others.  My hope is that I can bring you to a place where you feel your own inner wisdom, can hear and trust in your own guides and can feel the peace and love on your life’s Journey.    

What I do is simple and yet a profound gift to me from the Universe.  I connect with an energy that is beyond my own knowledge and become a conduit between my client and guidance.  I tap into the energy that is available to all of us and similar to downloading an app on your smartphone.  I will hear information that can inform, enlighten and guide you if you are open to the messages.  I do this counseling in the most healing, respectful, and straightforward way.  I always honor my gift and yours.  We will work together to move you forward on your path.  I am so grateful for this gift, which is growing everyday.  I am so grateful to my clients for trusting me with their dreams; and I am so grateful to the Universe that you have stumbled upon this website.  I hope this is the beginning of living your best life!